American Presidents

Benjamin Harrison

Benjamin Harrison

Books By Benjamin Harrison
  • This Country of Ours 1897
  • Views of an Ex-President 1901

Books About Benjamin Harrison
  • Mary R. Dearing, Veterans in Politics, Baton Rouge, La., 1952
  • Vincent P De Santis, Republicans Face the Southern Question, Baltimore, 1959
  • H. A. Gibbons, John Wanamaker, (2 vols.) New York, 1926
  • David Saville Muzzey, James G. Blaine: A Political Idol of Other Days, New York, 1934
  • William Alexander Robinson, Thomas B. Reed: Parliamentarian, New York, 1930
  • Harry J. Sievers, Benjamin Harrison Vols. 1-2, NY: Univ. Publishers 1952, 1959 Vol. 3, Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill 1968
  • Homer E. Socolofsky and Allen B. Spetlet, The Presidency of Benjamin Harrison, Lawrence, Kans., 1987
  • Alice Felt Tyler, Foreign Policy of James G. Blaine, Minneapolis, Minn., 1927
  • Leonard D. White, The Republican Era, 1869-1901, New York, 1958

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