American Presidents

Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton

Books By Bill Clinton
  • Putting People First (with Al Gore) 1992
  • Between Hope and History: Meeting America's Challenges for the 21st Century 1996

Books About Bill Clinton
  • Charles F. Allen and Jonathan Portis, The Comeback Kid: The Life and Career of Bill Clinton, NY: Birch Lane Press 1992
  • John Brummet, Highwire, New York, 1994
  • E. J. Dionne, Jr., Why Americans Hate Politics, New York, 1991
  • Elizabeth Drew, On the Edge: The Clinton Presidency, New York, 1994
  • Ernest Dumas, The Clintons of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Ark., 1993
  • Phyllis Johnston, Bill Clinton's Public Policy for Arkansas, 1979-1980, Little Rock, Ark., 1982
  • David Maraniss, First in His Class, Simon and Schuster in 1995
  • Roger Simon, Showtime, Times Books, 1998.
  • Jim Moore and Rick Inde, Clinton: Young Man in a Hurry, NY: Summit 1992
  • Roger Morris, Partners in Power, NY: Henry Holt 1996
  • Richard Reeves, Running in Place. How Bill Clinton Disappointed America, Kansas City: Andrews and McMeel 1996
  • James B. Stewart, Blood Sport. The President and His Adversaries NY: Simon & Schuster 1996
  • Martin Walker, The President We Deserve, NY: Crown 1996
  • Bob Woodward, The Agenda: Inside the Clinton White House, NY: Simon & Schuster 1994

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