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He was the second president to die--from illness-- in office and the second president to die in the White House.
His nickname was "Old Rough and Ready," due to his slovenly dress.
He was the first president not previously elected to any other public office.
After his participation in the Mexican-American War, he was considered a military hero.


Key Events in the Administration

Zachary Taylor
(November 24, 1784 - July 9, 1850)

Life Facts

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First Lady: Betty Taylor Bliss, Daughter
Wife's Maiden Name: Margaret "Peggy" Smith
Number of Children: 6
Education Level: No College
Religion: Episcopalian
Profession: Military
Military Service: Major General

Public Service:
Dates of Presidency: 3/5/1849 - 7/9/1850
Presidency Number: 12
Number of Terms: 1
Why Presidency Ended: Died in office
Party: Whig
His Vice President(s): Millard Fillmore
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Presidential Places

Birthplace: Montebello
Gravesite: Zachary Taylor National Cemetery

Reference Material

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